Wurth Stone Guard 1lt Black, Paintable


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WURTH Stone Guard

WURTH Stone Guard is a premium-quality, paintable surface protectant designed for automotive applications.

It forms a hard, textured finish that helps prevent chipping and abrasions caused by stones and debris while inhibiting the development of rust.

An easy to use high build, paintable rocker coating that matches OEM textures and provides excellent abrasion and chip protection, sound deadening, and corrosion resistance.

Stone Guard is ideal for applications where heavy or coarse texture patterns are desired.

Climate-optimised which can be painted over.

* Dries through down to -10oC
* Depending on the application method, fine and coarse textures can be sprayed.
* Very good anti-drone effect.
* Very high abrasion resistance.
* Suitable for oven drying.
* Very easy sanding after through-drying


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