Wurth Rust Converter 1lt


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Wurth Rust Converter 1lt, Automotive Paint, Restoration.

* Environmentally friendly dispersion-based rust converter
* Can be painted over with all commercially available top-coat paint systems after 3 hours
* Reliably stops the corrosion process and provides an optimised application surface for additional paint work.
* Rust converter penetrates into the rust, reacts with the rust and converts iron oxide into a stable, insoluble, blue-black, metal-organic complex.
Application area

Vehicle construction, caravan construction, shipbuilding, metal and steel construction, tool manufacturing, bridge building, tank construction, pipeline construction, container construction, agriculture and forestry, municipal management, construction machinery etc.


The surface must be clean, dry and free from grease. Remove loose rust, paint and dirt using a wire brush, scraper or similar tool. Apply a thin and even coat with a brush or roller. Prevent runs. Paint over with water or solvent-based metal protective coatings between 3 and 48 hours after application. Maintain a three-hour reaction time. Mask off surfaces not to be treated.

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