Upol Acid #8 Etch Primer Aerosol, Spray Can, Adhesion, Auto Paint, Bare Metal X3


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Upol Acid #8 Etch Primer Aerosol, Spray Can, Adhesion, Spray Paint, Bare Metal X 3
ACID #8 is a 1K ready to use etch primer available in aerosol cans.
It is uséd for priming bare metal surfaces, this promotes adhesion of paint and prevents steel from rusting.
ACID #8 is chromate free.
Typical applications are over rub through areas prior to painting, on new bare metal panels or over bare seams before sealant is applied.
ACID #8 can be applied to the following surfaces:-
Bare steel.
Galvanized and Zinc coated steels.
Fully cured paint.
Polyester bodyfillers and G.R.P.
For more information please refer to the TDS : https://u-pol.com/wp-content/uploads/ACID-8-TDS-EN.pdf

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