Transtar Jammin Clearcoat 6213


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Transtar Jammin Clearcoat Aerosol 6213. Automotive Paint


Use the Transtar Jammin’ Clear to perform panel repairs and small spot repairs on your vehicle. This product works best when you have to perform repair work on door jambs, trunk jambs, hoods and replacement parts. The acrylic clear coat comes in a convenient aerosol can that gives you exceptional speed and efficiency when executing the job. The clear coat is fast drying and provides excellent gloss and better clarity. You can apply it over a basecoat or an existing clearcoat.


Why should you clearcoat your vehicle?

Clearcoat is one of the primary methods used by professional automotive painters to achieve the sought-after glossy finish to a vehicle. Clearcoat also has other uses apart from aesthetics. It can easily prevent damage caused by ultraviolet rays. Ultraviolet rays are the primary factors for the fading of vehicle paint. Clearcoat also enables you to buff away shallow surface defects and does not harm the vehicle paint in the process.


How do you apply clearcoat?

  • Clean the required area with soap and water
  • Remove all surface contaminants, dust, and debris along with wax and grease from the area
  • If you are applying this product over basecoat, ensure that you allow the basecoat to flash for one hour
  • If applying over an existing clearcoat, you may have to wet sand the clearcoat with 600 grit or finer sandpaper
  • Hold the can at an approximate distance of 10-12″ from the surface
  • Apply three coats for better results
  • For higher gloss finish, we recommend that you apply 4-6 medium wet coats



After 24 hours of air dry, or cool down from force dry, you can now sand with 1500 or finer grit paper. It is essential to buff with appropriate compound and remember that it is easiest to buff when you do it within the first 48 hours of application.


Key Features

  • Excellent acrylic clear designed for use when performing small spot and panel repairs
  • Ideal for use on replacement parts, door jambs, hood and trunk jambs etc.
  • Fast drying and provides excellent gloss


Suitabke Substrates:

  • Waterborne basecoat
  • Solvent-borne basecoat
  • 2K CLearcoat 

Additional information

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