STAR New Century Professional SLV EVO-T Mini Gravity Spray Gun. 1.2mm




STAR Professional EVO-T LVLP V3 Gravity Spray Gun-Mini SLV106TF
Star New Century is a highly regarded brand in spray painting industries for premium quality at cost effective prices.The Star brands of spray guns are known for a high standard of workmanship, quality performance and affordability, able to compete with spray equipment twice its price.

Star Spray Guns are manufactured under the strictest of quality standards with each and every gun individually tested for performance and craftsmanship. They are also sold in conjunction with full spare parts back up.

The Star New Century V3 Pro Series spray guns offer manufacturing excellence with its fully drop forged body, ensuring the highest possible quality cast.

In this spray gun Star offers outstanding user comfort with the combination of a light weight body and exceptional balance.

EVO-T patented air cap design provides ultra fine finish and excellent transfer efficiency exceeding 72%

Stronghold & Lightweight, gun body weighs around 325grams

High Efficiency Air Cap, unique fan pattern designed for optimal overlapping efficiency and minimal overspray

Quick Treading & Universal Joint, 1 turn to lock/unlock & 3 turns to lock/unlock fluid cup, female fluid joint compatible with most traditional and new disposable cup systems

Smooth Operation, Lighter trigger force to reduce user fatigue, precise and lubricated adjustment knobs for easier manoeuvre and control.

  • Stainless Steel nozzle / needle, Teflon packing
  • Spray gun comes complete with pot, spanners brush and air fitting.
  • Fully drop forged body, lightweight body, exceptional balance.
  • High transfer efficiency and ultra fine atomisation.
  • Full parts backup available.


  • Atomising Pressure – 15~19 psi
  • Air Consumption – 100~150 l/min
  • Min Recommended compressor – 3~4.5 cfm
  • Pot Capacity – 250ml
  • Lightweight STAR New Century spray guns are ideal for small touch up spraying. They have a fully drop forged body, ensuring the highest quality cast. Designed for outstanding user comfort and exceptional balance, and featuring high transfer efficiency and low atomisation pressure, users can achieve excellent results.

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Weight 2 kg


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