Spray Painting Plastic Speed Shapes 50 Pieces, Spray Gun Display, Hydrographics


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Spray Painting Plastic Speed Shapes 5 Pieces, Spray Gun Display, Hydrographics

These great looking plastic shapes are perfect for Automotive Spray Painting, Classic & Custom Car Restoration or Hot Rod workshops to show customers how a colour will look.

Or if you’re a project car owner and want to get your colour choice perfect these are great to have your workshop spray with test colours so you can take them home and decide!

The curves and flowing lines are perfect for highlighting custom colours rather than the traditional spray out cards where effects can be difficult to see!

The shapes are approximately 24cm x 13cm x 4cm in dimensions. They are constructed from quality plastic.

The size is very convenient, big enough to show effect yet compact enough to not take up too much space in your showroom etc.

They are an excellent display piece for your workshop, great for promotional displays at car shows, markets etc to show off your custom colour creations and to allow your customers to envisage how a colour will look on their car or project!

Create that professional look that your customers will appreciate and enjoy increased sales and profit, eliminate risk and confusion about colour appearance!

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