SIA Siachrome PEARL Polishing System. Paint Sealant. 1Lt. Automotive, Detailing


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SIA Siachrome PEARL Polishing System. Paint Sealant 1Lt. Automotive Paint

Siachrome – fast, simple, brilliant
Siachrome pearl High-quality paint sealant for fast and efficient preservation of automotive paints. A mixture of natural and synthetic waxes and highly cross-linked polymers guarantees a rich and long-lasting deep gloss and durable protection against weather effects.
Glazing Applications 
Siachrome pearl is suitable for the durable sealing of all automotive varnishes and provide a unique deep-gloss finish. They protect the varnish reliably against washing scratches, tar, bird droppings, acid rain and UV rays. Prior to application, the varnish must be free of old wax residues, acid rain build-up, tar, insect remains and other impurities. siachrome magic is excellent for cleaning.


  • Efficient and process-reliable polishing due to colour concept
  • Excellent for use on standard and ceramic paints
  • Suitable for soft or hard lacquers
  • Usable on all polishable surfaces
  • Silicone and solvent free, water-based
  • Can be used without coolant
  • No discolouration of plastic parts

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