SIA Siachrome FINISH Polishing System. 1Lt Automotive, Detailing, Polishing.


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SIA Siachrome FINISH Polishing System. Microfine Finishing Paste. 1Lt.Automotive

Siachrome – fast, simple, brilliant
Siachrome finish Highly effective microfine finishing paste based on a high-purity aluminium oxide for lasting removal of fine micro-scratches, swirl marks and holograms from all types of paint. Does not contain waxes, silicone oils or other fillers.


– Efficient and reliable polishing thanks to colour concept
– Ideal for use on standard and ceramic paints
– Suitable for soft or hard paints
– Usable on all polishable surfaces
– Silicone- and solvent-free, water-based — Can
– Can be used without coolant
– No discoloration of plastic parts


For best results, use the recommended pad and polish combinations.

Polishing guide:
– Hold the pad at a slight angle to the surface to be polished (this reduces hologram effect)
– Apply Polish to pad
– To avoid spatter, start at a low speed. Then increase the speed gradually to max. 2000 rpm
– Reduce the application pressure during polishing
– Keep the pads clean, because dirty pads cause swirl marks.
– Clean the pads with water after use. This will also extend the lifetime of the polishing pads.

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