SIA Siachrome CUT Polishing System. Scratch Remover. 1Lt. Automotive, Detailing


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SIA Siachrome CUT Polishing System. Scratch Remover. 1Lt. Automotive Paint

Siachrome – fast, simple, brilliant
Siachrome cut Highly effective scratch remover based on a high-purity aluminium oxide for lasting removal of severe signs of use and scratches from all types of paint. Produces a long-lasting and rich deep gloss. Does not contain waxes, silicone oils or other fillers.

Paint and high-gloss surfaces can look incredible, but they can also develop scratches and other blemishes. As the first step in the siachrome polishing system, siachrome CUT will help you blend out fine scratches and remove unwanted swirls and holograms efficiently, leaving behind an even, glossy appearance that lasts.

Made with high-purity aluminum oxide, siachrome CUT is the ideal polishing compound for creating gentle surface abrasion. To prevent spattering, start at a low rpm and increase polishing speed gradually. As a water-based compound, siachrome CUT does not contain any solvents or require coolant, so you can feel confident using it to polish a wide range of materials, including plastic, ceramic, hard paints and soft paints. For the best results, use this polishing compound with compatible sia polishing pads.



  • Efficient and reliable polishing thanks to colour concept 
  • Ideal for use on standard and ceramic paints 
  • Suitable for soft or hard paints 
  • Usable on all polishable surfaces 
  • Silicone and solvent free, water-based 
  • Can be used without coolant
  • No discolouration of plastic parts

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