Schuberts Base coat or Direct Gloss 1LT


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Schuberts Basecoat


Schubert’s 2K Direct Gloss.

Just need 2k Hardener which you need to purchase separately

All we need is a paint code or colour name, the vehicle make and year.

For Schubert’s 2K Direct Gloss;

Mix 2:1 with a MS or HS Hardener and reduce with either 2k or Universal Thinners by about 10%.

Suitable over

* 2K Primer

* Acrylic Primer

* Two in One Primer

* 1K Etch Primer

* Sound existing surfaces, except for weak surfaces such as nitrocellulose

or enamels.

This paint will be mixed according to a colour code which the buyer supplies and will be non-refundable.


Our paint system may slightly differ to other paint systems. We do our best to ensure the accuracy of the paint code given. However the colour may slightly vary.


Please leave us a note with the Colour Code, Year, Make and Model or your vehicle.

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