Sagola 4600 Xtreme 1.3mm DVR AQUA Air Cap Gravity Spray Gun. Automotive Paints.


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Sagola 4600 Xtreme 1.3mm DVR AQUA Air Cap Gravity Spray Gun. Automotive Paints.


SAGOLA presents its top technological expression in bodywork finishing spray guns. Smaller, lighter, with optimal weight distribution and more comfortable.

With a new shiny and modern design and most carefully designed ergonomics which offer enviable balance and usability and perfect mechanisation. SAGOLA tackles all present challenges of vehicle refinishing. With this model SAGOLA offers the widest range of solutions for all the new paints launched by the main paint brands for refinishing.


The 4600 Xtreme has the most solutions for all of the latest paints released by the major paint brands for restoration. It has one of the best Sagola production standards as well as competitive costs while providing excellent service.


4600 Xtreme features an aqua colour identifier rings are ideal for distinguishing spray guns when there are numerous painters. At the air cap tip, a revolutionary new air distribution system was installed making a finer, smoother spray.


The 4600 Xtreme looks and feels the part thanks to the modern design.


Fatigue is reduced by the ergonomic and pleasant trigger. All trigger parts are made of stainless steel.

– Accurate airflow regulator

– Exceptional waterborne paint homogeneity

– Cost-effectiveness in paint usage

– Simple and smooth operation

– Highest possible product transfer



The new DVR AQUA air caps enhance the application of waterborne products, regardless the level of viscosity. Even distribution of paint through the spray pattern.

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