Sagola 3300 GTO EPA 1.8mm Cap Gravity Primer Spray Gun. Automotive Paints.


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Sagola 3300 GTO EPA Cap Gravity Primer Spray Gun 1.8mm. Automotive Paints.


The Sagola 3300 GTO Gravity Spray Gun is an incredibly versatile spray gun, ideal for primers and fillers.


Built to last and easy to clean

Extremely easy to maintain and clean, the Sagola 3300 GTO has no gaskets or air diffusers, rubber or plastic parts in product area – just metal in contact with metal, making it virtually maintenance free.


Lightweight balanced design

Thanks to its forged anodized aluminium body and stainless steel ergonomic trigger, the Sagola 3300 GTO is lightweight and comfortable for use over long periods.


Precision control

Through its redesigned regulators for air flow, paint flow and fan control, the Sagola 3300 GTO puts precision control at your fingertips.


One single piece automatic paint packing gland

Having a single gland makes it easier to remove for a thorough cleaning of the paint area, avoiding manipulation and breakage.


Versatile to suit your application

Whether you are working with primers or high tech finishes the Sagola 3300 GTO is available with a flow regulator and range of aircaps, needle and nozzle kits to meet the needs of any application.



Consistent quality finish guaranteed

1. Interchangeable stainless steel nozzles for optimum paint flow, fast and smooth application.

2. Interchangeable aluminium aircaps. Identified with different colours.

3. There are no metallic or plastic external parts used for air distribution, making the cleaning process easier.

4. New spray fan regulator design with less travel and greater precision. Suitable for left and right handed operation.


Low maintenance

5. The only spray gun in the refinishing market with one single piece automatic paint packing gland – minimising potential damage and breakage and making it easier to remove when cleaning the gun.

6. Manufactured without gaskets or seals in product area. No air diffusers, blind chambers or threads in contact with the paint/product/material. Just metal in contact with metal. Extremely easy to clean and maintain.


Making the sprayer’s job easier

7. Color coded identifiers perfect for differentiating spray guns when there are multiple painters.

8. Forged aluminium body; ergonomic, light and perfectly balanced. Soft and silky touch finish.

9. Ergonomically designed, round and comfortable handle for balanced and smooth strokes for a consistent, better quality finish.

10. Ergonomically designed trigger reducing operator discomfort and fatigue.

11. Fan width regulator.



GTO EPA Conventional (CA) Aircap
Ideal for primed surfacers.
Needle & Nozzle Ideal for use with: Working Pressure Range Air Consumption at 2bar (29psi) Output Flow (average) Application Distance Fan Width (max)
1.80 (1.80mm) Sanding surfacers 1.5 – 2.0bar
(22 – 29psi)
18 – 20cm
(7 – 7.9”)


Model Sagola 3300 GTO
Cup Capacity 650ml (22fl oz)
Cup Type Removable Anti-Drip System
Air Inlet Couplings 6.35mm (1/4”) Male BSP
Paint Filter 80 mesh
Weight with Supplied Cup 662.4g (1.46lbs)
Weight without Cup 474.8g (1.05lbs)
Dimensions without Cup (W x D x H) 181.4 x 19 x 178.99mm (7.14 x 0.75 x 7.05”)
Sound Pressure Level (Average) 80 dB
Pressure Gauge Range 0 – 10bar (0 – 140psi)1
Compliance ATEX II 2G x (Directive 2014/34/EU)

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