Sagola 3300 GTO Black Racing 1.3mm Limited Edition TECH Spray Gun


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Sagola 3300 GTO Black Racing 1.3mm Limited Edition Spray Gun. Automotive.


Its redesigned forged and anodized body, more ergonomic design, and highest-quality and most-efficient nozzles combine to create a spray gun that is more appealing, adaptable, and exceptional value for money while providing a variety of options for various painting applications. Suitable for all basecoats, clearcoats, direct gloss topcoats.



  • TECH/EVO aircaps (1.3/1.4 nozzle sizes)
  • High transfer efficiency and application speed.
  • Ergonomic technology.
  • TECH air cap special for finishes such as base, clear and single stage.
  • EVO air cap special for wet on wet primer/sealers.
  • New air valve ‘soft flow’ for maximum softness in the trigger.
  • Only available while stocks last.


  • Aircap, needle & nozzle kit (supplied fitted).
  • 650mL (22fl oz) reusable plastic gravity cup with product mini-filter.
  • Wrench for removing and fitting the nozzle and all servicing needs.
  • Cleaning brush.
  • Key assembly for changing the air valve.

Additional Information:

  • Air inlet couplings: 1/4”
  • Cup capacity: 650 ml
  • Cup: Anti-drip system
  • Design pressure: 8 bar
  • Maximum recommended inlet pressure (working pressure): 2 bar
  • Air consumption of each aircap (2 bar inlet) GTO TECH: 290 L/min
  • Fan size GTO TECH (1.8): 290 – 300 mm

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