Rupes UNO Advance Stand Alone Protection & Maintenance Polish Compound 1lt. 9ADVANCED


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Rupes UNO Advance Stand Alone Protection & Maintenance Polish Compound 1lt. 9ADVANCED


ONE ADVANCED represents the future in the evolution of finishing products. The patented formula developed internally by RUPES uses the latest abrasive technology mixed with the latest generation nano protection. UNO ADVANCED has been designed to remove minor defects from different surfaces, while leaving a protective layer that can last up to 12 months and that protects against environmental contamination and dirt, ensuring extremely simple cleaning and maintenance for external surfaces.


UNO ADVANCED can be used as a one-stop solution for light defect correction and protection in one step or as a second step after a more aggressive polishing cycle. In both applications, the surface will remain significantly more shiny and silky to the touch. UNO ADVANCED is universally compatible with all types of polishers and can be used safely on any non-porous surface, such as single coat paints, clear coatings, gelcoats, powder coatings, aluminum and much more.


Indications for use:
AN ADVANCED could separate in the bottle. Shake before first use and before refilling the buffer.
D-A Ultra-Fine Sponge Pads and D-A Ultra-Fine Microfiber Pads are recommended for light corrections and finishing applications.
The D-A Medium Wool Pad is recommended for better defect removal.
To maximize the duration of the protection, it is recommended to avoid exposing the surface to water or rain during the four hours following application.

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