Rupes Bigfoot 150mm Wool Medium Yellow Polishing Pad 9.BW150M. Hook and Loop


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Rupes Bigfoot 150mm Wool Medium Yellow Polishing Pad 9.BW150M.

Introducing RUPES’ new wool pad range, compatible with the random orbital and the gear driven polishers included in the BigFoot family. The face of these wool pads are constructed of 100% natural fibers attached to a polyester backing material layer.

The yellow medium wool pad range features a consistent 15mm fiber length through the entirety of the pad’s surface. This soft and flexible wool, paired with a soft and flexible yellow foam backing, provides excellent cutting of moderate defects, and excellent finishing ability on most surfaces.


NEW Wool Pads

  • 100% Wool
  • Premium Soft 15mm Pile
  • Yellow Foam Interface
  • 1st or 2nd Step Compounding
  • Better Finishing Wool Fibers

Suggested applications

  • Soft paints
  • Sticky paints (with use of a fine compound)
  • Gelcoat

Recommended Compounds
Zephir (coarse), Quarz (Medium) or Keramik (Fine) for use with Bigfoot tools LHR21, LHR15, LHR12, LHR75 or Nano depending on pad size.

Coarse and Fine Compound (Mille)
Mille Coarse abrasive compound is recommended when medium wool pads will be uséd with the BigFoot Mille gear driven polisher.

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