PureWax Professional Grade Marine Detailer Dirt & Grime Spray 474ml.


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Pure Wax Professional Grade Marine Detailer Dirt & Grime 474ml.


PureWax Marine is formulated using high-lubricity cleaning agents that safely lift dirt and grime. Using advanced UV inhibitors, our high-grade polymers impart a glossy finish normally associated with spending hours waxing your boat.

The perfect quick detail spray to use after a long day of watercrafting to quickly and easily wipe away water spots, dirt, dust, salt spray, and more to restore a high gloss shine with durable protection.



  1. PureWax Marine is harbour safe and eco-friendly.
  2. Use on all finishes including gel coat and fiberglass surfaces, chrome, glass, plastic and rubber.
  3. Advanced polymers encapsulate and lift debris without scratching paint or chrome.
  4. Pro-style detailing is made easy with just a spray and wipe.
  5. Fresh Fruity smell.



  1. Shake bottle well to agitate formula.
  2. Spray a fine mist directly onto the surface to be cleaned. Using a clean slightly damp microfibre cloth, gently remove surface dirt and excess product in a linear motion.
  3. Use a second clean dry microfibre cloth to remove residue.
  4. Cleans and protects all surfaces.
  5. Use regularly to maintain a beautiful finish.

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