Norton Pro Film Q275 6″ Sanding Discs 14+1 Hole 150mm (80g), Box Of 100.


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Norton Pro Film Q275 6″ Sanding Discs 14+1 Hole 150mm (80g), Box Of 100.

The Norton Pro Film (Q275) disc range has been specially designed in line with the latest requirements in end user applications. With a No-Fil® stearate treatment on top of high performance aluminium oxide abrasive, the new range of film backed discs from Norton are not only tough and hard wearing, but also reduce clogging and dust build-up in all sanding applications. The super smooth flexible film backing provides a consistent scratch pattern, providing the perfect solution for a flawless finish. 
  •  Heat-treated aluminium oxide grain 
  •  FEPA ‘P’ graded abrasive 
  • Waterbased No-Fil® stearate layer on the abrasive 
  • Flexible film backing • Self-gripping backing 
  • Full range of grits available 
  • No colour contamination as no pigment inside 
  •  Fast cut, good material removal and excellent performance 
  •  Approved, high quality discs 
  • Prevents dust build-up during sanding 
  • For dry sanding 
  • Provides a consistent scratch pattern, reduces rework 
  • Tear resistant 
  • Quick & easy disc changing, reduce process time 
  • A product for every application stage

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