Norton Pro A275 Rotolo Roll Foam Back 115mm x 25M, 400g. Automotive, Sanding.


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NORTON PRO A275 Rotolo Roll Foam 115mm x 25M, P400

  • A275 (premium P-graded, aluminum oxide grain with No-Fil coating) on Rotolo foam backing
  • Perfect for hand sanding without leaving finger marks
  •  Provides outstanding finish on wood, metal, and composites, and primers, sealers and top coats
  • Fast cut and long life without loading
  • Compatible with all coatings
  • 50% – 60% improvement in tear strength
  • 4-1/2″ wide x 82′ long roll perforated every 5-1/2″
  • Standard 1/4 sheet size for hand or machine sanding; 178 sheets per roll
  • Convenient dispensing box protects A275 Rotolo foam from damage

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