Norton A975 Dry Ice Multi-Air Cyclonic Norgrip Sanding Roll. 320. 70mm x 11.9M


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Norton A975 Dry Ice Multi-Air Cyclonic Norgrip Sanding Roll. P320. 2-3/4 x 13YDS 
The laser converted NorGrip rolls feature the same innovative spiral hole-design found on the Multi-Air Cyclonic disc range, which optimizes dust extraction while reducing surface imperfections. The convenient new hole-design does not need to be lined up with the holes on the vacuum file boards or vacuum hand blocks to achieve optimal performance so changeover is fast and simple. In addition, the rolls are perforated every 2-3/4” to allow it to be torn easily to fit multiple file board lengths. While Multi-Air Cyclonic can be used without the support of a vacuum system, the best results will be achieved using a vac-assist file board.
As with the original version of perforated rolls, the Multi-Air Cyclonic features our versatile Dry Ice A975 sandpaper, which features our ceramic abrasive across the entire grit range. The quick, cooler cut of the Dry Ice A975 is ideal for conventional paints, primers, and other applications, and also works well on aluminium surfaces and hard to sand surfaces, such as composites, ceramic clear coats, and E-coats.

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