Norton A275 Freecut Dry Sanding Sheets (230mm x 280mm) 180g. Pack of 100.


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Norton A275 Dry Sanding Sheets (230mm x 280mm) Qty x100 180g

  •     Unique fiber-reinforced, B-Weight latex-saturated backing
  •      Water-based stearate, non-pigmented, No-Fil coating
  •       Full resin adhesive bond

Norton No-Fil A275 Paper Sheets are the light-weight paper sheet performance leader for dry finishing.
Typical applications include light-duty metal sanding, primer sanding, defect removal from painted surfaces, filler sanding, sanding and finishing of composites and fiberglass, bare wood sanding, and sanding between sealer coats.
Paper sheets are typicallly used hand or jitterbug sanding.

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