Norton Dry Ice 150mm Discs, Hook and Loop 180g


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Norton Dry Ice 150mm Discs, Hook and Loop 180g


Get optimal results from fine grit sanding and microfinishing with this Dry Ice A975 fine grit paper H&L disc. 

This disc features a P-graded seeded-gel abrasive for long-lasting performance and a fast cut rate. 

The B-weight latex saturated backing is fiber reinforced to give improved tear resistance while still allowing flexibility. The disc’s non-pigmented stearate No-Fil coating and open-coat construction provide maximum load resistance and eliminate color transfer, and a hook and loop backing makes it quick and simple to remove and replace this disc for minimal downtime during use.


  • Abrasive : Ceramic Alumina

  • Attachment : Hook & Loop

  • Backing Material : B-wt. Anti Loading Paper

  • Max Operating Speed Guideline : Determined by back-up pad

  • Abrasive Type : Coated

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