Meguro Sealing Tape Primer Aerosol 420ml. Made in Japan.


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Meguro Sealing Tape Primer Aerosol 420ml. Made in Japan.

Japanese company Meguro manufactures this patented seam tape used by many vehicle manufacturers on numerous vehicles.

Accurately replicating the OEM seam seal on many vehicles
(not flat like other brands) and flexible enough to go around corners without cutting, Meguro seam seal tape gives an OEM result in no time.

Sealing tape primer is used to ensure secure bonding of the sealing tape to the panel.

Just spray on the primer, apply the tape and it’s ready to paint immediately!

For Exchange Panels (Doors, Hoods & Trunks). 



1. Shake can before use.

2. Remove any old sealant from surface.

3. Apply PRIMER Spray in two coats from a distance of 20-25cm.

5. Let dry for 5 minutes each time. 

4. Apply sealing tape.

5. If using water paint, repeat application. 

6. Proceed with painting. 

This listing is for the primer only, tape does not come with this listing. 

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