Lord Fusor 100EZ Rigid Plastic Panel Repair Adhesive, Heat Set 210ml.




Fusor Rigid Plastic Repair 100EZ 210ML

LORD Fusor 100EZ plastic repair adhesive can be used for structural and cosmetic repair of body panels, hoods, decks, doors and all types of rigid body plastics such as Metton®, fiberglass, GTX, SMC and carbon fiber.

The Fusor 100EZ will have 2 nozzles included.

Metton is a registered trademark of Metton America, Inc.


All types of rigid body plastics such as SMC, GTX, fiberglass, Metton and carbon fiber

OEM Approvals

• Ford: Collision/warranty repair
• GM, Chrysler: Collision/warranty repair including carbon fiber
• Nissan: Warranty repair

Features and Benefits

• Fusor 100EZ = 7.1 oz (210 mL)
• One product for all body panels
• Easily sands to a feather edge to provide undetectable repairs

Additional information

Weight 1 kg


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