HB 600 Paint Remover, Paint Stripper Spraycan/Aerosol 400ml, Automotive Paint


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600 Paint Remover Spray HB Body 400ml

A transparent ECO Paint Remover suitable for the removal of paint, clear coats and latex material from all metal and plastic surfaces.
Also suitable for cleaning of paint tools (e.g. spray guns, spatulas, etc). Easy to use, does not rust the surface or the packaging and does not lose properties.
Transparent coating suitable for the removal of paint – clear – latex materials from all surfaces. Long lasting action that does not affect the surfaces underneath the paint layers.
All metal and plastic surfaces
  • Spray one to two coats till the area needed to be cleaned is all covered with the paint remover foam. 
  • Allow the product to act for about 15 min. 
  • Use a spatula and lightly scrape off the residues of paint remained. 
  • In case of strong paint residues re-apply the product on the surface till all the old paint is removed.
Shake well before using: 2 – 3 min
1 – 2 coats

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