Farecla G6 Rapid Advanced Dry Use Liquid Compound Fast Action 1LT – AG6-1600


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Farecla G3 Premium Abrasive Compound for Cut, Finish or Both 1KG – G3P101


The G6 Rapid System has been specifically developed for use on all modern refinish paintwork.
 It removes P1500 scratch marks and will reach the level of gloss required in the shortest time. For dry use only.
  • Permanent – contains no fillers, giving permanent scratch removal with no comebacks
  • Fast finish – a rapid system which achieves a high gloss finish and increases throughput
  • Dry use – no need to use water, creating less mess and making the process more environmentally friendly
  • Versatile – can be uséd on all modern paint systems
  • Silicone free – can be uséd in bodyshops

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