Evercoat EZ Ultra Lite Revolitonary Nikki/Bog/Filler 3LT with Hardener. 101342.


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Evercoat EZ Ultra Lite Revolitonary Nikki/Bog/Filler 3LT with Hardener. 101342. 

EZ ULTRA LITE is the lightest polyester body filler with exceptional build qualities and incomparable sandability.
For the fast and easy filling of large repair areas – EZ ULTRA LITE is the right product.

Easy, even application of product combined with light sanding and heavy filling properties enables the quick and effective repair of large damaged areas. This quick process saves much time and money when completing larger repairs.

EZ ULTRA LITE is ideally suited for the repair of trucks and trailers as well as commercial and construction vehicles and trains.


  • Excellent vertical hold
  • Smooth spreading
  • Grey filler
  • Fills to a depth of 20-25mm on a vertical surface
  • Ultra-light formula
  • The very latest filler technology
  • Ideal for large repair areas with a high build
  • Super easy-sanding with exceptional stock
  • Excellent adhesion on a variety of substrates


All Evercoat fillers adhere to any substrate, aluminium and galvanised included. They have a higher resin content than traditional European fillers which makes them less porous. This ensures lower moisture penetration and lower absorption of primer. Easier to sand, spread and rework than the most popular easy sand fillers. So faster process time. It also dries faster. Low pin holes. We believe Evercoat produce the best filler in the world.



Exceptional adhesion to a variety of suitably abraded substrates including; OE paint & clearcoat, steel,
galvanised steel, zinc coated steel, aluminium, composite plastics, hard plastics, SMC, polyester filler.



Before sanding, thoroughly clean the area to be repaired removing all traces of dirt, oil and wax residues.
Lightly abrade the repair area to key the surface P80-P180. Use a fine abrasive to remove any deep or
heavy scratch pattern P180-P220. Remove the dust. The area to be repaired must be completely dry
before application of product.



The mixing ratio is 2% by weight. Place the required amount of material on a clean, grease free, mixing
board and add the requisite 2% hardener. Refer to the illustration on the product lid for an optical guide
to ensuring the correct ratio. Thoroughly mix the material to a consistent, homogeneous mass that is one
uniform colour. Only use the EVERCOAT hardener provided.



First, apply a very thin layer of mixed material with firm pressure to the repair area. This promotes an
optimum, pin-hole free application and excellent adhesion. Increase to the desired depth of repair by
applying layers of product.



Sand and shape the body filler with P80 – P180 grit, avoiding deep sand scratches outside of the repair
area. Finish the repair area with P180 – P220 grit. For an optimal result; apply a top layer of stopper such
as EVERCOAT Easy Sand (#101669). This will guarantee a flat, pin-hole free finish and will reduce the
consumption of primer in the next stages of the repair process.



Colour Light grey
Physical State Liquid
Solubility Not soluble in cold and warm water
Working time 3-5 minutes
Dry to sand time 15-20 minutes
Corrosion Protection 500 hours salt spray (Harshaw)
Maximum build 6 -10 mm (sanded)
VOC EU limit for volatile organic compounds: 250 g/l (2007)
This product contains max 160 g/l VOC

The properties are typical values and not to be considered as technical sales specifications.
The physical test was at about 25 °C and 75 % relative humidity unless otherwise specified.

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