Duxone DX64G 2K Surfacer Grey 5LT Kit. Automotive Paints


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Duxone DX64G 2K Surfacer Grey 5LT Kit. Automotive Paints

Duxone has launched a new system to help refinishers achieve good coverage in fewer coats.
2K high solids chromate-free sanding surfacer: Colour: DX64G: grey Composition based on functional acrylic copolymer.
  • Easy to apply, smooth flow. 
  • Excellent vertical stability. 
  • High filling power and easy to sand. 
  • Outstanding isolation properties and perfect topcoat hold-out. 
  • Excellent adhesion. 
  • Can be overcoated with Solvent Basecoat & 2K Topcoats.
  • Do not use activated DX64G beyond the pot life nor reduce it further to get viscosity down again. 
  • If DX64G is applied over thermoplastic acrylic finishes, complete panel or overall car has to be treated. Spot repairing or sand throughs of the filler can result in spot marking or lifting when applying a basecoat. 
  • Do NOT exceed recommended film thickness to avoid film defects, poor film through cure and poor adhesion. 
  • Respect mixing ratios, drying times, spray pressure and DFT to avoid poor sandability and paperfilling. 
  •  Activated material should not be returned to original can of non-activated material. 
  • Close can of activator tightly immediately after use, as this product will react with humid air and water and lose its hardening effect. 
  • Material has to be at room temperature (18-25°C) before use.

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