Dura-Block 6 piece sanding block kit AF44A. Car Restoration, Panel Shop.


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Dura-Block 6 piece sanding block kit AF44A. Car Restoration, Panel Shop. 


When it comes to sanding blocks, Dura-Block has the most comprehensive range of blocks available.  For best results always use the largest block possible for each section to be worked on, and match the size and shape of the block to the surface.

Block sanding can be considered an art in itself and a little overwhelming. Most surfaces on a car are made of curves – a long major curve and a minor secondary curve. Once these curves are identified, then it’s a matter of sanding at 45 degrees to each curve. The nature of a block will constantly take the average of the surface and only sand on the highest points until a perfect surface is achieved.

Dura-Blocks are made from closed cell EVA foam. They are CNC machined from a solid material for accuracy and longevity. They are ideal for dry coarse sandpaper sanding, through to final wet sanding, to achieve a perfect finish.

A great value kit with the best collection of small blocks that are most commonly used. Perfect for small jobs, including repairs and re-paints, but ideally suited for finishing detail work.

Kit includes:

1 x AF4400 Standard Block – 20mmH x 35mmW x 280mmL

1 x AF4401 1/3 Block – 35mmH x 65mmW X 140mmL

1 x AF4402  2/3 Block – 35mmH x 65mmW X 280mmL

1 x AF4404 Round Block – 32mm diameter X 280mmL

2 x AF4405 Scruff Blocks – 32mm diameter X 280mmL

3 x pcs. Dura – Scrub soap free!

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