Concept Paints QD Enamel Gloss Black 4LT, Quick Dry Enamel, Industrial.




Concept Paints QD Enamel Black 4LT, Quick Dry Enamel, Automotive Paint.

A fast-drying high gloss equipment enamel for quick and easy, low build protection and beautification of primed steel

Technical Data Sheet 



• Superior performance when compared to other QD enamels
• Fast drying
• High Gloss
• Low build with good coverage

• Concept 109 Enamel Primer
• Concept 113 ZP Primer or 116 ZP Primer(HB)
• Concept 103 Etch Primer or 110 Metal Etch
• Concept 111 Universal Primer(HB)
• Previously painted enamel substrates in sound condition (always check before painting)

Substrate Preparation
Mild Steel All surfaces must be thoroughly sanded and cleaned with Concept Wax & Grease Remover prior to application



Dry Film Properties (After 7 days drying when compared to similar technology products)
* Gloss Excellent
* Adhesion Excellent
* Metal Protection Excellent
* Durability Excellent

Additional information

Weight 6 kg


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