Concept Paints 2K MS 2-Pack Black Kit 6LT. Automotive Paint


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Concept Paints 2K MS 2-Pack Black 6L Kit
This KIT Includes:
  • Concept Paints 2k 2 Pack Black 4L
  • Concept Paints Unicolour MS Uni-Hardener Hardener Normal 2 x 1LT
Concept Paints 2 Pack Black 4L
– This is a high performance 2 Pack Black (MS) designed in Australia for the Australian market and conditions.
It has excellent flow, producing a high gloss, chemical resistant film, with excellent durability.
Concept Paints Unicolour Universal (MS) Hardener
– are a range of isocyanate hardeners, specifically designed for use with polyurethane 2K paints.

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