Chemicals R Us Wash & Wax 20LT, LOCAL PICK UP ONLY


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Chemicals R Us Wash & Wax 20LT.

Wash & Wax cleans off heavy road grime and adds a protective wax coating in one operation, leaving the vehicle shiny and protecting the owner’s investment.
Wash & Wax contains a blend of powerful cleaning agents and wax, along with a specialty additive which promotes wax adhesion to the paint surface and aids in water repellency and beading.
Wash & Wax is non-toxic, non-caustic, biodegradable, pH neutral and high foaming. Ideally, vehicles should be polished with a high quality polish such as Septone Gleme at intervals not exceeding 3 months.
Washing the vehicle once a week with Wash & Wax will maintain the polish in excellent condition and provide excellent resistance to degradation of the paint by the elements.
If you have any questions please contact us through eBay.
Local Pickup Only 
Local Pickup from Spectra Automotive Paints located in Condell Park.

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