Cam Camclean Universal Gun Cleaner 4LT. Box of 4.


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Cam Camclean Universal Gun Cleaner 4LT. Box of 4.







CAMCLEAN Universal Gun Cleaner is a non-caustic, chemical cleaner that removes part residue, including two pack, dirt and grease. CAMCLEAN can be used for cleaning pressure pot systems, material feed lines and general spray equipment. It is ideal for pre-soaking of spray guns and paint pots before they are placed in a gun-washer machine.


  • Universal spray gun cleaner, will remove dried paint & restore you gun back to a usable item.
  • This Special Solvent can be used again once sediment falls to the bottom. Extremely Strong, care must be taken when using this product.
  • Keeps all spray equipment in A1 condition
  • Non-caustic, safe on aluminium.
  • Reusable
  • Ideal for cleaning alloy wheels
  • Non-flammable.
  • Wont damage spraygun seals
  • Reusable and can be strained



Direction For Use: 

CAMCLEAN is place in a metal bucket and then surface sealed with a minimum of 50mm of water to prevent evaporation. Spray equipment but NOT feed hoses are then immersed. When all paint and residue has wrinkled, wash off with water or solvent if water is not suitable. After removal of surface sealing water, CAMCLEAN should be strained and returned to the original container.

CAMCLEAN can be used for directly cleaning paint feeds lines. Followed by suitable solvent, mineral turps, toluol or thinner to clean line. Do NOT leave CAMCLEAN in lines for any period of time as it could attack the hose.




Due to possible pressure build-up, cover can with cloth, ease cap slowly, hold away from face.

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