CAM Bear Gold Premium Body Filler 3LT with hardener ( Box of 3)


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CAM Bear Gold Premium Body Filler/Nikki/Bog 3LT. Box of 3.


2k ultra-light multi filler.

A self-leveling formula with great filling properties, superior adhesion on all surfaces (wooden, polyester, bare metal, stainless steel, galvanized, aluminium).

Has advanced mechanical properties and spreads smoothly, giving a pinhole free finish. Easy sanding with P150-P400.




x3 CAM Bear Gold Premium Body Filler/Nikki/Bog 3LT.

x3 BPO Hardener




  • HARDENER: 100: 3 mix with hardener – pot life: 4min/23° C
  • Non force dry 20-30 min / 23° C
  • Short wave 5-8mm – lamp distance: <70cm
  • 150P – 400P flatbed sander, dry
  • Designed especially for Australian conditions.
  • High Build with excellent filling capabilities.
  • Superior adhesion on all surfaces.


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