AP Amaxi The Super Bundle Block Kit 10 Pieces with Radius Block




AP Amaxi 10 Piece Bundle Sanding Block Kit

  • Features:
    – All the blocks you need to start in one value pack.
    – This kit contains 10 Different Sanding Blocks including the Monster Block 
  • The ultimate kit. This kit contains nine of the most useful and widely used blocks that the refinish professional, restoration or serious DIY enthusiast will ever need.

  • Kit contains:

    1 x Big One

    1 x Standard One

    1 x Small One

    1 x Flexi One

    1 x Multiblock Long

    1 x Velblock

    1 x Monsterblock 300mm

    1 x Chromablock S2

    1 x Customblock Mini

    1 x AP Radblock 

Additional information

Weight 1 kg


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