Anest Iwata W400 Classic 134G 1.3mm Bellaria Spray Gun & 650ml 2Spray Mixing Cups + Hardcup


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Anest Iwata W400 Classic 134G 1.3mm Bellaria Spray Gun + 650ml 2Spray Cup + Hard Cup.


New Fluid Tip BellAria, a new and innovative nozzle that adds to the already wide selection of the W400 family.


The BellAria nozzle has the characteristic ANEST IWATA flat-and-thin spray pattern as well as optimal atomization. The favourite family w400 now provides even more choices for users within most applications.


This Kit inlcudes: 

  • Anest Iwata W400 Classic 134G 1.3mm Bellaria Spray Gun
  • 2Spray 650ml PPS Mixing Cups
  • 2Spray 650ml Hard Cup


Does not include adapter. 

VKA1 Adapter can be purchased here.


The Anest Iwata W-400-134G Paint Spray Gun lets you paint like a pro.


Featuring superior atomization and dispensing an even coat of paint, this pneumatic sprayer works great for many applications.


A 1.3-millimeter nozzle opening disperses a tulip-inspired spray pattern up to 270-millimeters wide, great for covering a large area. Simple to operate, the gun works at a range of 3.9 to 7.9 inches and operates at pressures up to 29 pounds per square inch, providing you with a powerful stream of paint.


The gun can apply both a base coat and top coat, and works well for clean paint touch ups.




2Spray Cup System has been designed as a complete disposable spray cup solution for mixing / measuring, filtering, spraying and for temporary storage of sprayable coatings.

  • 650ml Disposable Mixing Cups

  • 125 Micron

  • 50 Inner Liner

  • 50 Lids with Filter

  • 20 Caps



The system is made up of 4 parts:

  1. Outer cup and locking ring with clearly marked mixing ratios

  2. Internal disposable liner

  3. Snap in lid with inbuilt filter

  4. Adapter to suit a wide range of Anest Iwata spray guns.

An innovative, gravity-feed design reduces material waste and makes for easy cleanup once your work is finished.


Enjoy excellent balance and control thanks to the center mounting of the cup, which focuses the center of gravity without obscuring your view. Whether you’re improving the paint job on your automobile or adding a top coat to your latest piece of furniture, the Anest Iwata Paint Spray Gun gives you the power your need to apply an even, beautiful coat of paint.




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