Aion Plas Chamois, Formerly Kanebo 430mm x 680mm Large Size. Best Chamois


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Aion Plas Chamois 680 x 430mm LARGE

Three Layer construction of Aion Plas Chamois enables outstanding structural durability to resist against repeated use and helps quick water absorption after car washes, with even superior resistance to oil or gasoline.

Not only for use wiping off water drops after car washes, Aion Plas chamois is useful in wiping water residue, dust and dirt around sinks, washing rooms, and bathrooms. Will absorb instantly, spilt drinks and liquid on carpets and floors.

Colour of Chamois will be chosen at random

  • Superb absorption power
  • Long lasting
  • 300% Water retention
  • Soft and smooth wiping
  • Easy to squeeze
  • World’s best-selling chamois

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