Evercoat Z-Grip OPTEX Premium Color Change Filler/Nikki/Bog 3.8LT with Hardener. 100382.


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Evercoat Z-Grip OPTEX Premium Color Change Filler/Nikki/Bog 3.8LT with Hardener. 100382.




Z-GRIP® OPTEX® is an advanced clog-free, lightweight body filler with patented OPTEX Color-Changing Technology. There’s no second guessing; once mixed with cream hardener, OPTEX changes from pink to green indicating the repair is ready to sand.


Formulated for superior adhesion to galvanized steel, bare steel, and aluminum. Z-Grip OPTEX is a part of the METALWORKS® System that guarantee that the repair will maintain the O.E.M. corrosion warranty on original factory corrosion protected sheet metal and galvanized sheet metal when used in accordance with the application instructions.


  • Colour-changing Technology
  • Easy Sanding
  • Non-clog Formula
  • Smooth Formula
  • Applies pink and dries green



  • Cold Rolled Steel
  • Aluminum
  • SMC
  • Galvanized Steel
  • Fiberglass

NOTE: For structural repairs prone to high degrees of stress and flexibility, use a
fiber reinforced filler such as Everglass®, Kitty Hair® or Fiber Tech®.




  • Clean and degrease the entire panel to be repaired with soap and water,
    followed by a mild cleaning solvent. Surface must be thoroughly dry before
    repairing or applying material
  •  Keep the repair area small. Use 80 grit to remove the paint and featheredge.



  • Stir the filler before using. Knead the cream hardener.
  • Measure hardener 2% by weight (add a ribbon of cream hardener from edge to edge across the center of a 4” diameter puddle).
  •  Puddles larger than 4” (10 cm) in diameter will require additional hardener.
  • Mix thoroughly until uniform color is achieved.
  • Approximate setting time is 5-6 minutes @ 72°F (22°C)



  • Apply in layers with even firm pressure.
  • Do not apply all at once.
  • The repair will gradually change colors from pink to a light green, indicating the repair is dry and ready to sand.



  • Rough shape with 80 grit
  • Sand filler with 80 grit or finer
  • Final sand repair and paint edge with 180 grit.

NOTE: For best results, apply a premium Evercoat polyester putty to provide a smoother finish and reduce the amount of primer surfacer needed for a quality finish.




Appearance Smooth Light Pink Paste
VOC Refer to Section 9 of the Safety Data Sheet
Relative Density Refer to Section 9 of the Safety Data Sheet
Setting Time 5-6 minutes
Sand Time 20 minutes
Max. Recommended Thickness (sanded) 1/4 inch (6mm)

NOTE: Properties are typical values and should not be considered as sales specifications. Physical testing performed @ ~72°F (22°C) / 75% RH unless otherwise noted.



Read all directions and warnings prior to using Evercoat® products.Safety Data Sheets can be found online at evercoat.com


  • Never return mixed filler to can
  • Keep can closed and store in a cool dry place

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