3M Seam Sealer Tape 9.5MM x 9.1M, Sealing Panels, Joints, 08475. Automotive


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3M Seam Sealer Tape 9.5MM x 9.1M, Sealing Panels, Joints, 08475. Automotive

3M Seam Sealer Tape is designed for auto body professionals to easily duplicate the factory look and function of sealers typical in automotive door jambs and trunk gutters. This rubber backed, 0.5mm thick tape is very durable and doesn’t require shaping or drying time like liquid sealers. Just apply and paint – the adhesive is activated by solvent in the paint system for a permanent bond.
• Fast, effective means of duplicating the look and function of factory sealers
• Immediately paintable, saving time vs. liquid sealers
• Rubber backed tape holds up under tough conditions, reducing rework
• Solvent-activated adhesive makes the tape integral with solvent paint systems
Factory-Grade Appearance and Function Designed for use with solvent based paint systems, our 3M Seam Sealer Tape is a fast and easy alternative to liquid sealers. Without the need for spreading, shaping or drying, this rubber based tape duplicates the appearance and function of factory-installed sealers in primed seam locations such as auto door hem flanges, door jambs and trunk gutters. The tape is pliable and conformable, so it easily fits the space; auto body technicians simply install the seam sealer tape over primer and apply the topcoat directly over it. The solvent (e.g. thinner or reducer) in the paint system helps to activate the adhesive for a permanent bond – the tape looks and functions just like the original factory seal. The Magic of 3M™ Seam Sealer Tape 3M applies solid science to make life easier – and more profitable – for auto body professionals. We designed it specifically to visually recreate common automotive sealers, plus we gave it the easy application and conformability of a quality tape. And the permanent bond works right along with solvent based spray systems for a fast and cost-effective alternative to liquid spray-on sealers.

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