3M 09560 Dry Guide Coat Cartridge Black


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3M 09560 Dry Guide Coat Cartridge Black. Automotive Paint, Spray Painter

3M Dry Guide coat is a revolutionary method for applying a guide coat to a repair area. This system offers considerable advantages over current working practices, in particular, ease of use & achieving a better quality job every time.

Contains no solvent, requires no masking, gives total coverage of surface, applicator requires no cleaning & ideal for both wet & dry sanding systems.
The 3M™ Dry Guide Coat Cartridge is used in the dry primer sanding process to identify surface imperfections such as pinholes and deep scratches in primer.
 When sanding polyester filler, it ensures the filler is flat with no ripples and that the body styling lines and contours are straight and correct.
It also ensures the total primed area is sanded prior to top coating.
It requires no masking and there is no dry time involved.
It can also be used for both wet and dry sanding and contains no solvents.

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