3M 07333 Impact Resistant Structural Adhesive 200ml


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3M 07333 Impact Resistant Structural Adhesive. 200ml. Panel Beating
  • Formulated specifically for collision absorption in OEM-specified structural bonding applications
  • Two-part epoxy bonds steel and automotive aluminum alloys, great for lightweight structures
  • Can be weld-bonded or rivet-bonded immediately after application
  • Affords long work times (up to 1 hour) to help ensure precise bond with fit-up
  • Can be rapidly cured with heat (approx. 30 minutes)
  • Silver-colored adhesive turns purple as it cures, indicating when process has begun
  • Excellent extreme temperature performance
  • Corrosion inhibiting formula delivers lifetime corrosion protection
  • OEM Recommended

3M™ Impact Resistant Structural Adhesive (IRSA) is formulated for true automotive OEM-specified structural bonding applications, excellent for collision absorption in steel structures and advanced lightweight aluminum alloys.


This two-part epoxy adhesive delivers extended worktimes – up to 1 hour – and can be rapidly heat-cured. The adhesive changes from silver to purple as the adhesive cures.


Engineered to withstand higher impact vs. traditional bonding adhesives, 3M™ Impact Resistant Structural Adhesive (IRSA) is excellent for OEM-specified automotive structural applications.


It adheres to properly prepared automotive substrates including mild steel, high-strength steel and aluminium; vital as OEMs strive to achieve high strength in increasingly lightweight structures.


This two-part epoxy adhesive is recommended for all weld-bonded and rivet-bonded joints when specified by an OEM.


It provides an extended work time – up to one hour – and cures rapidly with heat (30 minutes at 80° C).


Adhesive applies in a silver color and changes to purple as it cures, indicating when the curing process has begun. 3M™ IRSA is designed to absorb collision energy forces and delivers increased torsional rigidity for OEM-specified automotive structures.


It allows for spot-welding (form squeeze-type) in an uncured state, typically up to three hours after application.


Properly applied adhesive will seal joints completely, and perform when exposed to very hot and cold temperatures. 3M™ Impact Resistant Structural Adhesive is available in 200 ml cartridges.

Adhesive Type

Two-Part Epoxy





Container Size (Metric)

200 ml

Container Type


Cure Time

24 hr

Full Cure

24 hr

Handling Time

5 min – 10 min

Paint Time

24 Hour

Shelf Life in Months (from date of manufacture)


Volume (metric)

200 mL

Work Time

60 min

Additional information

Weight 1 kg


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