3M 04247 Super Fast Plastic Repair 200ml. Panel Beating


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3M 04247 Super Fast Plastic Repair 200ml. Panel Beating. Automotive.


3M™ Super Fast Plastic Repair is a high-performance, two-component semi-rigid urethane adhesive that sets in about 20 seconds. Our adhesive may be used to bond, restore and reinforce many types of plastic. This product is a popular choice for fixing or molding bumper tabs that break off.

A Versatile Glue for Almost Any Plastic Substrate
When a quick-setting adhesive to fix plastic pieces is needed, 3M™ Super Fast Plastic Repair is an ideal choice. Our fast-action adhesive creates a solid, permanent bond between two impervious plastic surfaces. It’s a versatile product that will find many uses in an automotive shop, including bonding small parts, rebuilding cracked eyelets and rebuilding components. The adhesive has excellent gap-filling properties; so even if small pieces are broken off, our adhesive can fill the void in many cases. Our adhesive formula resists running or sagging.

Fast-Acting Adhesive
Our adhesive sets in about 20 seconds, so it should be used where a fast-acting glue is desired. Choose this quick-bonding adhesive when speed is necessary to ensure the integrity of the repair. 

Bonds Without Brittleness
3M™ Super Fast Plastic Repair is a semi-rigid urethane adhesive that outperforms cyanoacrylate adhesives that were once commonly used for similar purposes. Our urethane adhesive is preferable because it will not crack or become brittle like cyanoacrylates.

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