3M Double Sided Tape 12mm x 66m. VHB Clear Acrylic Foam Tape 4905F. Automotive.


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3M Double Sided Tape 12mm x 66m. VHB Clear Foam Tape 4905F. Automotive.

3M VHB 4905 Double Sided Tape is a clear colourless acrylic tape. 3M VHB Tape is a specially designed bonding tape which has proven as a high strength alternative to screws, rivets and welds. When this specialty bonding tape is applied to a substrate it practically creates an indestructible ‘weld’ or ‘join’. 4905 VHB clear series of tapes provides for situations where colourless/clear application is required. This 4905 VHB Tape features a general purpose adhesive suitable for high energy substrates and is only 0.5mm thick allowing for a flush application on smooth surfaces. 



  • 3M VHB Tapes are the industry leader in construction and signage
  • Provides convenience and simplicity of tape fastener
  • Often replaces rivets, spot welds, liquid adhesives etc for a smooth stress resistant finish
  • Ideal for indoor and exterior bonding applications of many surfaces
  • Outstanding durability in challenging circumstances
  • Excellent moisture and solvent resistance
  • PE Film liner for easy application



  • General Industrial
  • Signage



  • 4905 VHB Tape – 12mm x 66M 0.5mm Thick

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