3D Tire/Tyre Shine Thick Wipe-On Tire Dressing 474ml. 709


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3D Tire Shine Thick Wipe-On Tire Dressing 474ml. 709. Automotive Paints.


3D Tire/Tyre Shine is a thick, rich water-based gel, it offers a very clean application without any sloppy drips or smears to deal with after the fact. Simply wipe on and massage into the tire sidewall and then allow to dry. For even more shine, wait a few minutes and apply a second, thin light application and allow this second application to dry before driving. Your tires will look amazing without becoming an oily, greasy dust-magnet that will be a pain to clean the next time you wash your car.


What is it? – Water-based tire and trim dressing.

What does it do? – Restores a high gloss shine to rubber and vinyl surfaces.

When do you use it? – After first cleaning the surface to be treated.

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