3D Super Duty Degreaser Nano Pail Concentrated Make 5 Gallon 1.89LT. 1001.


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3D Super Duty Degreaser Nano Pail Concentrated Make 5 Gallon 1.89LT. 1001.


3D Super Duty Degreaser is a powerful grease emulsifier that dissolves all kinds of greasy, grimy gunk and sludge so you can blast if off with strong spray of water.  For the worst-case scenario you may have to agitate with a brush.  Whatever it is you need to clean this super duty degreaser will strip the surface down to the bone and do it fast.


This is just one of 3D’s hyper-concentrated, homogeneous products.  Hyper-concentrated means you get the purest concentrate using the finest ingredients on the market without paying for water.  Homogeneous means the concentrate will easily mix with water and remain in a uniform emulsion without the need for repeated or continued shaking.  All you do is mix with water to custom dilute the right cleaning strength for your application and your degreaser is ready to use.


At 45:1 (regular dilution), One 64-ounce pail makes 21 gallons of ready-to-use product!

At 28:1 (max dilution), One 64-ounce pail makes 12 gallons ready-to-use product!


If you need to clean a lot of dirty, greasy, grimy hard-to-scrub surfaces and you are a large volume, power user – then work smarter instead of harder and save time and money.

Besides using the best ingredients for breaking down and removing oily slime, 3D chemists made sure it’s also safe for you, safe for the environment and safe for whatever it is you need to clean.


What is it?

Industrial strength, pro-grade super degreaser that comes as a hyper concentrate that easily mixes with water.


What does it do?

Removes, dissolves, loosens, breaks-up and emulsifies all types of greasy, oily, grimy sludge and sticky films.


When do you use it?

Anytime and anywhere you need to de-grease a surface.


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