3D Spray Detailer Silicone Free Lubricant 3.78LT. 503


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3D Spray Detailer Silicone Free Lubricant 3.78LT. 503. Automotive Paints.


3D Spray Detailer is the professional version of our 3D Final Touch in our consumer line of high-quality car detailing products.


What is it? – Silicone-free, spray-on detailer.


What does it do? – Body shop safe formula adds gloss, slickness and shine while removing light dust, fingerprints, and smudges without contaminating a fresh paint environment.


When do you use it? – Anytime you want to restore that just detailed look to your car. Perfect spray detailer for using in any fresh paint shop environments where contamination is a concern. Works great for removing dust from sanding also compound and polish spatter.


  • Silicone-free detail spray
  • Body shop safe formula
  • No airborne contaminants around freshly painted vehicles
  • Great lubricant spray



IMPORTANT: Always work on a cool surface in the shade.

Step 1: Starting at the highest point of the vehicle, usually the roof, mist 3D Spray Detailer to an area about 2’ x 2’ in size.

Step 2: Using a clean, soft microfiber towel, spread the product around over this section of paint.

Step 3: Flip or fold the microfiber towel to a dry side and re-wipe the area to a high gloss shine. Repeat this process to the rest of the panel. After you finish one panel, move onto the next panel tackling the horizontal panels first and then move to the vertical panels. 

For best results, switch to a clean, dry microfiber towel often.


If you work in a body shop and you’re looking for a spray detailer that will remove sanding dust, compound, and polish splatter while at the same time, giving a car that just detailed look, then this is the spray detailer for you.


If you’re a purist when it comes to detailing your own cars, then you’ll love the more pure and dedicated approach the chemists at 3D used when it came to creating a spray detailer so safe it can be used in fresh paint environments.


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