3D LVP Leather Vinyl Plastic Superior Interior Cleaner 700ml. 112.


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3D LVP Leather Vinyl Plastic Superior Interior Cleaner 700ml. 112. Automotive Paints.



3D LVP Cleaner doesn’t have a strong, offensive odor like most interior and all-purpose-cleaners but instead, has only a light, new car fresh scent. You can quickly wipe down your car’s entire interior from top to bottom and side to side as fast as you can spray it on and wipe it off. It’s that fast and that easy. Plus – no overpowering or foul odor to breathe as you use it or after the work is done. 



What is it? – Multi-purpose cleaner for every conceivable surface inside your car including leather, vinyl, plastic, cloth, fabrics, plastics, and metal surfaces.


What does it do? – Safely cleans with zero risk of accidental staining or altering of the appearance on any surface it’s used on.


When do you use it? – Anytime you have a spill or stain or for anytime you want to do general cleaning maintenance for your car’s interior.


Why use 3D LVP Cleaner over other options? – The best reason to choose 3D LVP Cleaner over the myriad of other options o the market starts with the 3D brand name on the label.


  • Premium leather, vinyl, and plastic interior car cleaner
  • Safely remove stains and dirt from high touch point areas without any residue or streaking
  • Deep cleaning agents preserve the life of your car interior
  • Penetrates most contaminated areas for a superior clean

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