3D High Definition Light Purple 3.5″ Foam Polishing Pad 90mm. Pack of 2. K-53SLP


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3D High Definition Light Purple 3.5″ Foam Polishing Pad 90mm. Pack of 2. K-53SLP



All the foam uséd to create 3D’s foam pads is of the highest quality. Cheap foam buffing pads don’t last long because the foam tears-up or bowls inward when exposed to high temperatures from heavy compounding. 3D’s foam buffing pads use advanced foam chemistry where the foam is modified and tuned for specific functions like durability, heat and chemical resistance, sustained cell wall structure under extreme work loads for more uniform polishing performance from start to finish.
Typically foam polishing pads are the workhorse of the paint correction industry. When doing multiple step paint correction, a polishing pad is uséd as the second step after a more aggressive step, for example after the compounding step when removing sanding marks or after the compounding step when detailing severely neglected car. The 3D 3.5” light purple spider-cut medium polishing pad is also perfect for doing one-step correction with 3D AAT 505 Correction Glaze or SPEED.
This polishing pad is also a perfect match when using 3D ONE.
  • Most versatile pad uséd for light cutting, polishing, and finishing
  • Spider-Cut offers increased surface area for maximum performance
  • Buffs cooler than conventional pads
  • Less aggressive pad can be uséd for different purposes and surface.

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