3D Glass Cleaner Amonia & Streak Free Suitable for Chrome & Mirrors 3.78LT. 901.


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3D Glass Cleaner Ammonia & Streak Free Suitable for Chrome & Mirrors 3.78LT. 901.


What is it? – Glass and surface cleaner for glass, mirrors, chrome, stainless steel, and other smooth, non-porous surfaces.

What does it do? – Cleans the glass and other surfaces without leaving any residues, streaks, smears, or haze.

When do you use it? – Anytime you need to restore crystal clear, streak-free results to all automotive and household glass as well as other surfaces.

3D Glass Cleaner is an alcohol-based cleaner that will leave a streak-free surface every time!

– It will quickly breakdown things like road-grime, smokers-film, grease, dirt, dust, and mud quickly and leave a perfectly clean surface behind.

– 3D Glass Cleaner doesn’t use ammonia in its formula, meaning you can safely use it on your tinted glass without risk. You can even use 3D Glass Cleaner to expertly clean your plastic and chrome!

– Streaks are caused when too much product is used on the glass and is left to evaporate slowly off the glass. However, alcohol, by nature, evaporates very quickly and thus is much less likely to leave behind streaks after use!

– 3D Glass Cleaner is extremely effective at cutting through the main culprits of glass opacity and leaving behind a clear and clean surface. The main culprits are road grime and smoker’s film.

– 3D Glass Cleaner eliminates both thanks to the specialized cleaners it contains. These cleaners work to break-up the oils that act like the glue for road grime and smoker’s film. Once the glue is broken, these substances can be easily wiped off the surface of the glass!


  • Non-streak, no-haze formula leaves glass crystal clear
  • Fast application – spray on, wipe-off
  • Non-Ammonia – safe for all glass including tinted windows.
  • Removes oily smoker’s film and vinyl fog
  • Anti-fog formula – helps reduce window fogging in moist cold or hot humid climates
  • Alcohol-based glass cleaner dissolves oily fingerprints and pet smudges
  • Great for household cleaning – glass windows, mirrors, light fixtures, tile, vases, blinds, shelves, desktops
  • 3D’s Green Earth Technology – Biodegradable – Prop 65 and V.O.C. compliant



Directions for use :

– Spray 3D Glass Cleaner directly on the glass surface. Then use a clean and dry microfiber towel to wipe it off to a clear, streak-free finish!

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