3D Ceramic Touch, Spray and Wipe Ceramic Coating 60ml.


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3D Ceramic Touch, Spray and Wipe Ceramic Coating 60ml. Detailing, Automotive 
3D Ceramic Touch is an easy to spray and wipe Ceramic Coating formula that contains an advanced Sio2 super hydrophobic paint technology for durable coating, paint protection and a super shine.
Ceramic Touch is an easy and cost-effective way to ceramic coat your vehicle for a long lasting top coat paint protection.
The added layer form this coating will provide you with peace of mind that your paint is protected from effects of nature, road film and dirt.

Benefits of Ceramic Touch :

– Ceramic coating spray
– Easy spray and wipe
– Advanced Sio2 Technology
– Super Hydrophobic
– Up to 12 months protection
– Ceramic coating at the fraction of the cost
– Easy DIY application
– 1 bottle can coat up to a mid sized vehicle
– Spray one area at a time and wait 30 seconds before wiping

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