3D 6″ White Lambs Wool Heavy Cutting Pad. K-WW6


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3D 6″ White Lambs Wool Heavy Cutting Pad. K-WW6. Automotive Paints.


3D AAT System white lamb’s wool pad is arguably the fastest cutting pad available. This genuine wool pad is one of the ighest quality, NON-synthetic wool pads you can get and delivers an extremely fast, even cut on any type of painted surface. Unlike synthetic, twisted and knitted wool pads, our lamb’s wool pad will not shed all over your project, keeping the wool where it’s designed to be, “on the job”. You can’t fool Mother Nature.

Real, genuine lamb’s wool pads will last longer than synthetic. Real wool will hold products longer and the hair will not fly off the pad and create tremendous clean-up issues.

Genuine, high quality lamb’s wool.

Use with a rotary or DA machines.


– Fastest, most aggressive cutting pad

– Minimal shedding

– Very durable and long lasting

– Recommended for aggressive compounds

– Can be used for automotive, marine and aviation paint

– 100% Australian Lambswool

– 5 inch diameter

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